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not because we need an indiefucks spinoff community for wentz-related things (because you can just make any indiefucks post into an lolwentzpost! that's what zani always does!), but because viawentztop seriously needs to be less like ohnotheydidnt and more like indiefucks.
friends-only is for fucking lamers. the things you post here will be viewable to the public. welcome to the internet.

just so you know, posts do not need to be approved. because by the time someone gets around to approving it, it is no longer fresh and current, and the possibiliy for lulz has decreased significantly. and it might otherwise take a WHILE for your post to get approved. because there is life outside the internet (okay not really but you get the idea).

just as there is no such thing as an off-topic post in IF, there is no such thing as an off-topic post here. you just have to post about pete wentz. or his band. or some other fbr band. or someone who has had sex with wentz. so really, anybody.
however, there are still very strict rules for posts. namely, they must bring the lulz and/or be fascinating. otherwise you WILL get harrassed.

no stalking. stalking is fun in moderation. it's why god created the internets. just don't tell 'em we sent you.

you don't have to be from indiefucks in order to join, because this is not really an IF spinoff (even though it kind of is).
in fact we don't even want LWF to be flooded with IFs - it's supposed to be more like a crazy, time-wasting, FYAD-style version of all the FBR communities you are way to cool to be a part of.
but the rules of indiefucks popularity still apply. so pick the right people to suck up to, don't be an annoying noob, and keep your ebay/community promo/introduction posts out of here unless you want some severe mocking.
AIM chat is "lolwentzfux". but don't come unless you're going to entertain.
keep your clothes on. unless you are over 18 in which case n00dz plz. lol WHAT?

we are funnier than you, more beautiful than you, and have better taste in music than you. if you disagree, you can gtfo. now go pop your zits and call your "e-lawyer" kthx.

hotlinking is a way of life. fuck your photobucket.

fanfiction is creepy and weird. nothing you say can change that.

our entry in Encyclopdia Dramatica can be found here.

If you have any complaints or questions about lolwentzfux, please contact any of us at STFU@WEDONTGIVEASHIT.COM
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